Black Neighborhood – Poor Property Investment Choice

If you’re looking for a property and hoping to buy it for investment purposes, I am here to tell you right now to avoid neighborhoods with a lot of black residents. Save yourself the headache and move on.

Listen to the Studies

Studies have shown that homes in a predominantly black neighborhood don’t gain as much value over the years as those in white neighborhoods. This is just the reality. Most white homeowners in America will shun these neighborhoods.

As a result, the demand for homes in those areas will dip and will eventually drive down the prices. In that condition, home value appreciation will hardly happen.

I am a real estate agent since 2001 and I have seen this exact thing happen again and again. Once a neighborhood lets in black people, property investing in that area usually goes down the drain. I mean I really can’t blame property buyers. As a white man myself, I don’t want to live close by people who look like they will rob you or hurt you while just walking on the streets.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a few black friends. But in general, a black neighborhood becomes unsafe and undesirable to live in. So, again, when it comes to property investment – my advice is to stay away from a black neighborhood.

Find a Desirable Neighborhood

White home buyers are the majority of buyers in the home market. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a property and selling it in the future, it is crucial to invest in a desirable neighborhood.

According to similar studies, when the population of black people in a neighborhood goes above 10%, that neighborhood becomes undesirable. In other words, it becomes a poor investment choice. So, be wise when making your decisions.

I suggest that you canvass the neighborhood and talk to neighborhood associations. Get a feel of your neighbors. Are they going to help you profit from your property purchase in the future or will they be responsible in pulling down home prices in the area?

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