About Mark Ferguson

June 2018 – Present
Forbes Real Estate Council
Owner Managing Broker
April 2018 – Present
Blue Steel Real Estate

Blue Steel Real Estate is a full service real estate brokerage in Greeley Colorado. We focus on quality over quantity.

September 2013 – Present
Rutherford Incorporated

Rutherford Incorporated is a company that fixes and flips single family homes. I started Rutherford Inc. after purchasing the flipping business from Granite Rentals on 9/1/2013. Our goal is to fix and flip 10 to 20 homes a year.

March 2013 – Present

Mark Ferguson Investment is a blog dedicated to investing in single family rental properties. Mark Ferguson Investment provides information on how to buy, how to finance and how to manage rental properties. 

Mark Ferguson Investment also provides detailed information on my personal rentals including cash on cash returns, purchase prices, rents, expenses and how I buy and finance my properties. www.markfergusoninvestment.com

University of Colorado at Boulder
1997 – 2001
Bachelors, business Finaince

Graduated in 2001 with a degree in Business Finance.

Activities and Societies: Referee for intermural basketball.

How to Make it Big in Real Estate
December 2013
Mark Ferguson

I have been a licensed agent since 2001 and I have sold over 400 homes in the last three years. The beauty of real estate is there is not one right way to make it big in real estate, but many options to become successful. Real estate schools teach the fundamentals and laws that apply to real estate agents, but they do not teach techniques to make money. In order to be a successful agent you have to have guidance and someone or something to show you how to become successful. Whether you are a brand new agent, a veteran agent or are just thinking about becoming an agent, this book is for you. 

In this book, I discuss everything I have learned over the years to generate leads, take care of clients, and market myself as a top real estate agent. I started out as a single agent and now have a team of 8 who help me run my real estate team, real estate investing division, REO division, BPO division, and we also fix and flip houses. I will discuss the following topics an much more. 

1. Why you should become a Real Estate agent if you are investing in Real Estate
2. How to make money as a Real Estate agent
3. How much money Real Estate agents make 
4. How hard is it to become a Real Estate agent? 
5. Do Real Estate agents have to work under a broker? 
6. How to increase income as a Real Estate agent 
7. How to get started as a Real Estate agent 
8. What does an REO agent do?
9. How to run your business better by hiring help and delegating tasks
10. How real estate conferences improve business

Not only do I provide the basics on becoming a real estate agent and what it entails, I also go into detail on how to make it big as a real estate agent. It takes hard work, dedication and planning to become successful and make a lot of money.

How to Get Financing on Multiple Investment Properties
November 2013
Mark Ferguson

Many investors run into a road block when trying to purchase multiple investment properties. It is not very difficult to finance one property or even two. Once you have four mortgages in your name most banks will stop financing loans. Many big banks have policies in place the prohibit giving more than four loans to anyone. They will also tell you can’t get more than four loans anywhere, but that is simply not true. You can get more than four, more than ten or even more than 20 loans if you know where to look. I am not talking about borrowing money from your brother or seller financing. There are banks that will finance many properties for investors. 

I personally have 10 loans in my name and another five loans in the name of one of my corporations. I am not trying to hide my identity through a corporation; my bank knows I control all of the properties. In fact Fannie Mae guidelines say lenders can give up to 20 mortgages to an individual. However, most banks have their own policies that prevent supplying that many mortgages to one person. 

How to Buy Real Estate Below Market Value
September 2013
Mark Ferguson

Are you having trouble finding good deals in your market area? Two years ago I had my pick of foreclosures and short sales that I could fix and flip or buy as rental properties. Now that REO inventory is down, it is much harder to find the great deals. If you are a serious investor you know the key to any real estate strategy is buying property below market value. It is still possible to get great deals even in this market!!!! I have purchased 14 properties in the last year that were fix and flips or long-term rental properties. This book will show you the techniques I use to buy properties below market in a seller’s market. 

This book is for anyone looking to buy a home at below market value. This book describes what the most common ways are to buy real estate like using a Realtor or the MLS. The book also goes into lesser known techniques to purchase real estate like auctions, foreclosure sales, direct marketing and buying notes. Whether you are looking to buy your first home or are a seasoned investor, this book will provide valuable information on how to buy real estate below market value. 

Some topics include: 

How to determine market value 
Where to find properties below market value 
How do short sales work 
How direct marketing works 
How do REO sales work 
What are NPLs and how can you buy them 
How to find a great Realtor 

About the Author: 
Mark Ferguson owns 8 long-term rental properties and has completed over 75 fix and flips in the last ten years. Mark has been a licensed Real Estate agent in Colorado since 2002. He specializes in listing REO and HUD homes and sells over 150 homes a year. Mark is a member of the National REO Brokers Association, US REO Partners, Certified Distressed Property Experts and many more organizations. Mark knows Real Estate and how to buy real estate below market value. 

March 2013
Mark Ferguson

My blog that focuses on investing in long-term rentals. We have over 100 articles on all things related to real estate and over 60,000 visits a month.